Why Am I Running?
I'm not just a lawyer; I'm a member of this community, and my heart is deeply invested in its well-being. With a steadfast dedication to our shared values, I've spent years immersed in the legal arena, driven by a profound commitment to justice and the safety of our neighborhoods.

Throughout my legal journey, I've seen firsthand the impact of crime on our community. It's that very experience that fuels my passion for seeking solutions, not just convictions. My mission encapsulated in the platform, "Balancing Convictions and Compassion," reflects my unwavering belief that the justice system should be a beacon of hope for victims and their families, as well as a guardian for our communities in Augusta-Richmond County and Burke County.

My values are simple yet profound: to uphold the law, restore the lives of victims and their families, and reignite faith in our criminal justice system. With fairness, accountability, and justice as my guiding principles, I'm a firm believer in the strength of collaboration. Together, we can bring about the positive change our community so desperately needs.

By casting your vote in favor of my candidacy for District Attorney, you're not just electing a capable legal professional; you're choosing a neighbor and a compassionate advocate. Rest assured, our legal system will be in caring, capable hands, and justice will be served for all.