About Amber Brantley
Amber is a career prosecutor who knows how to strike a careful balance between convictions and compassion.

Just awarded ADA of the Year, what sets Amber apart is her experience, commitment to each case, and understanding of the complexities surrounding criminal behavior. She recognizes the importance of addressing the root causes of crime rather than relying solely on punitive measures. Amber is equally committed to deterring crime with strict sentencing for serious offenses as she is to rehabilitation and diversion programs that offer individuals a chance to reform and reintegrate into society.

Before serving as the Senior Assistant District Attorney for the Columbia Judicial Circuit, Amber served as the Assistant Solicitor General, Trial Team Leader and Domestic Violence Prosecutor for the Domestic Violence Accountability Court in Augusta- Richmond County. Before that, she worked as Asssitant District Attorney in Valdosta successfully prosecuting cases for the Southern Judicial Circuit.

As a wife and mother of two living in Hephzibah, Amber knows what it takes to protect families in Richmond and Burke Counties.